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New Growth Salmon River Populierenlaantje - van Gogh copy IMG 4218

Welcome to the 2014 International Poplar Symposium VI (IPS VI)

Schedule of Events
On Sunday afternoon and evening (20 July, 2014) we welcome participants to UBC for registration and an informal reception.

From Monday (21 July, 2014) through Wednesday (23 July, 2014) we hold our International Poplar Symposium VI.  We focus on the theme “Domestication of Populus and Salix: How far have we come, and how far do we still have to go?” and address topics dealing with poplar and willow genetics, genomics, physiology, pests & pathology, environmental applications and management applications.

On Tuesday night (22 July, 2014) we hold our banquet at the UBC campus.

Participants may also register for the following activities:

Spouses Program
During the Symposium the spouses program will explore the many beautiful sites in and around Vancouver.

Post-Conference Trip & Tour
1.    Fraser Valley Field Trip - Thursday (24 July, 2014) – From UBC we travel to the eastern Fraser Valley.  We will visit an Ecowaste plantation of poplar and willow in a Vancouver suberb and a couple of established hybrid poplar plantations along the way, and spend time discussing the importance of the free-flowing Fraser River system to the genecology of our extensive natural black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) and willow (Salix) populations.

2.    Interior Circle Tour - Friday (25 July, 2014) through Sunday (27 July, 2014).  The Circle Tour will commence following the end of the Fraser Valley Field Tour from Abbotsford (BC) and will return to Vancouver.

We will provide a shuttle service from and to Vancouver for those of you who would like to join the Interior Circle Tour only and for others who would like to return to Vancouver after the Fraser Valley Field Tour.

In order to secure sufficient hotel accomodation, registration for the Interior Cirlce Tour closes on the 15th of May 2014.

On-line registration for the symposium and accompanying activities is open. 


When planning to attend our 2014 International Poplar Symposium VI (IPS VI), why not also check out the Short Rotation Woody Crops Operations Working Group's 10th Biennial Conference "Woody Crops: Production Alternatives for Multiple Uses" in Seattle (WA), USA. That meeting is scheduled such that participants could "catch two meetings" during one trip and will be held from July 17-19, 2014 at the Pike Place Market in Seattle (WA). For information on and registration for that meeting, please refer to http://www.woodycrops.org/UpcomingMeetings/ .

Contact Us

Main contact:

Cees (“Case”) van Oosten
Chair – Organizing Team IPS VI
℅ SilviConsult Woody Crops Technology Inc.
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

UBC Contact:
IPS VI Registration Services Coordinator
c/o Conferences and Accommodation at UBC
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it